Top Ten: Movies (and some honourable mentions)

*Disclaimer: These movies are the best that I’ve seen and this list is based solely on my opinion, sorry if you disagree. Also, I’m aware that most of my favorite movies are cartoons, don’t judge*

First some honorable mentions:

The Little Mermaid (1989): I loved this movie growing up for no other reason than the fact that Ariel has red hair and I’ve wanted red hair in the past. Numerous times.

Saw (2004): I hate scary movies, hence why I’ve only seen the first movie, but it’s honestly a pretty good movie, and bearable scary.

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National Lampoon’s Vacation, European Vacation, and Christmas Vacation (1983, 1985, and 1989): I was actually asked by a friend to watch Christmas Vacation, but then my dad told me to watch all three. I am so glad that he did because I was laughing my butt off the whole three movies. That was a fun night.

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The Other Woman and What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2014 and 2012): I love the actresses in these movies, plus they have great endings. I hate predictable endings, but sometimes they’re good.

Interstellar (2014): I absolutely loved how this movie does a complete wrap around at the end and leaves you on the tips of your toes the whole time.

Now for my favorites:

10) American Sniper (2014): American Sniper is in my top ten because I hate the ending. I know that it makes no sense but in my mind it does. It’s a great movie with a great story and it deserves to be watched by everyone.

9) Funny Farm (1988): I love Funny Farm because it lives up to its title of being funny. I die (hysterical of course) when ever I watch this move. It’s definitely worth watching. Plus the ending it sweet and Yellow Dog is adorable.

8) Gravity (2013): Literally this movie is insane. I’ve seen it a few times, and still it drives me insane how things go down. Every time without fail.  This movie is so freaking intense and its 100% worth the watch.

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7) Time Burton Movies [The Nightmare before Christmas (1993), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Corpse Bride (2005), BeetleJuice (1988), Alice in Wonderland (2010), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Frankenweeine (2012), Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985), and James and the Giant Peach (1996)]: I grew up on Tim Burton (thanks mama), and it has obviously contributed to my obsession with his movies. Besides the creepiness in every one of his movies, he tends to have Johnny Depp as his lead, or at least a significant role in almost every single movie. Which is great. I am looking forward to some of his upcoming movies which include BeetleJuice 2, Miss Perigine’s Home for Peculiar Children (and hopefully the rest of that book series), and Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, which all come out next year I believe. There’s also a few movies of his that I haven’t seen yet because I’m not a huge fan of Batman, and I didn’t know the rest existed.

6) The Boxtrolls (2014): This is one of the most adorable interpretations of not judging a book by its cover. Seriously, this movie is adorable and I’m in love with it. Even though it is aimed towards smaller children, a teenager or adult can very well enjoy it.

5) The Book of Life (2014): Again, this movie is beyond adorable, and it made me act like I do when I read. I was shipping everything. And this movie made me mad so many times, and if you’re anything like me you’ll definitely want to stop watching it, but it’s amazing and I’m happy I watched the whole thing.

4) WALL-E (2008): This movie. Oh my lord. It has opened my eyes so much. Sorry to say this, but I’m like 95% sure that this movie is going to happen to us. Also, WALL-E and Eve are relationship goals. Take care of the planet, or we will end up fat and living in spaceships. That’s bad.

3) Big Hero Six (2014): BAYMAX! Oh my, I cried like a baby watching this movie. It’s so good. Ah I love Hiro and Tadashi and Baymax. And San Fransokoyo is the best mashup of names in my opinion.

2) Inside Out (2015): Besides the fact that Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal, and this is the movie I saw on my date, this is actually a great movie. When I was little, I always thought that their was little aliens living inside of me controlling me to do things. But of course I took science and found out it’s not aliens. If I’m being 100% honest though, sometimes i still believe that there is aliens inside of me. Don’t judge, I’m just a little insane.


1) Monsters Inc. (2001): I grew up watching this movie. I’ve watched it so many times that I’m surprised I don’t know the words by heart. Seriously though, my mom said that when I was little I used to ask to watch it over and over again. I get why, it’s a great movie. Boo is adorable, Mike Wazowski is queen, and James P. Sullivan (Sulley) is so fluffy and amazing and I want to meet him in real life (yes, I’m aware he’s fictional). Another thing that has attached me to this  movie is that my mom used to call me Boo because she said I looked like her, also because I watched it so much. So Monsters Inc. just has a lot of history with me and it will forever be my favorite movie.

So, those are my favorite movies and of course they’re bound to change, with the exception of #1 and #2, but that’s me. I love my cartoons. And things don’t always have to make sense. Happy Sunday!


Book/Movie Review and a Life Experience

I didn’t quite understand what Melody Grace was talking about the first dozen times I read her book, Unbroken. I never really had a comparison between the “two kinds of love,” the steady breeze and the hurricane. For those of you who haven’t read this book, or have and don’t recall the beginning of the first chapter, here’s the two kinds of love.

“The steady breeze is slow and patient. It fills the sails or the boats in the harbor, and lifts laundry on the line. It cools you on a hot summer’s day, brings the leaves of fall, like clockwork every year. You can count on a breeze, steady and sure and true. But there’s nothing steady about a hurricane. It rips through the town, reckless, sending the ocean foaming up the shore, felling trees and power lines and anyone dumb or f***ed up enough to stand in its path. Sure, it’s a thrill like nothing you’ve ever known: your pulse kicks, your body calls to it, like a spirit possessed. It’s wild and breathless and all-consuming. But what comes next? ‘You see a hurricane coming, you run,’ my mom told me the summer I turned eighteen. ‘You shut the doors, and you bar the windows. Because come morning, there’ll be nothing but the wreckage left behind.’ Looking back, I wonder if Mom saw it in my eyes: the storm clouds gathering, the dry crackle of electricity in the air. But it was already too late. No warning sirens were going to save me. I guess you never really know the danger, not until you’re the one left, huddled on the ground, surrounded by the pieces of your broken heart. That’s the thing about hurricanes. Once the storm touches down, all you can do is pray.”

Pretty much, Melody Grace was explaining the two types of love. In this books, it makes sense that it has to do with weather, since most of it takes place in Beachwood Bay. It’s been a while since I read this book, but after watching Labor Day (2014) last night, I finally understood what Melody was aiming towards, which caused me to link the book to my life.

The book overall wasn’t that great. It was very predictable and I only ever reread it because I loved the feeling of Juliete (main character) getting her happiness and her love. Labor Day is a whole other story. I loved it from beginning to end and even though I’ve seen it a few times, I still hope that the ending changes. I still hope that Adele gets her love.

So, I connected the book and the movie because, in the movie, Adele in divorced from a steady breeze, her son’s father. Then Frank comes around and changes everything. Even though Adele is risking her life, she keeps Frank because she loves him. He is her hurricane.

When it comes to my life, I have had a fair share of steady breezes and a hand full of hurricanes. All of my steady breezes (close friends) have stayed with me through everything. They’re predictable. They won’t leave me behind. All the hurricanes I’ve ever met were never quite my friends. Just someone I had met and talked to for a few days and then that was it. Except one. I have this one friend, I guess you could say, that’s a hurricane. They’re the worst, yet best person I’ve ever met. They keep me on my feet and make me happy, yet cause me so much pain at the same time. Hurricanes are unpredictable. My hurricane is constantly in and out of my life, and I always say I’m done, but I never really am. I don’t want to be done. Having a hurricane is fun. You wake up each day wondering what’s in store. A hurricane is something that everyone should experience. 207 days. You are my hurricane. Am I yours?

Movie Review: Gravity (2013)

Don’t let go

Just incase you’re as behind as me, and have not yet managed to see Gravity, then here’s the gist of it according to Wikipedia.

“Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission. Her commander is veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), helming his last flight before retirement. Then, during a routine space walk by the pair, disaster strikes: The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Ryan and Matt stranded in deep space with no link to Earth and no hope of rescue. As fear turns to panic, they realize that the only way home may be to venture further into space.”

Sounds crazy, right? I have a tendency to ruin movies, (or so I’ve been told) so just a heads up.
Anyway, at first I was kind of like I don’t know if I’m going to like this, but I’ll give it a shot. Within the first five minutes I was glued to the screen. It starts off so calm and then BAM! It hits you in the face like a brick flying off of a ceiling fan that’s spinning 2000 mph. There was times where I was wondering if I was really watching it and times that I hoped it was almost over. Gravity was just super amazing.
Besides the plot line, the graphics were extremely realistic and I was convinced they actually went into space to shoot the movie. If you can fool me into believing that something so unbelievable is real, then I’m going to watch your movie whether its good or not. I may not be interested but I’ll be happy with the graphics and realism.
The budget was $100 million and the movie got $716.4 million in the box office. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 97% based on reviews from 305 critics, with a certified fresh rating and an overall score of 9/10. All in all, everyone, me included, should watch, or re-watch, this Hollywood masterpiece.

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