About the Blogger

Name: Savannah Marie

Favorite color(s): orange, green, purple (in that order)

Hobbies: reading books/ articles, writing poetry (and pretty much everything), sleeping, eating, binge watching Netflix (especially Orange is the New Black), complaining, and now blogging.

Fangirl status: I’m a hard core FANGIRL and you’ll learn to grow used to it

Relationship Status: hahahaha about that… 😉

That’s about all you need to know about me

It would be awesome if you checked out my friend River’s blog. She’s a really sweet person:

Her Blog!

Image result for liebster award

*As of now, I am done blogging about books. I will resume blogging eventually, just not here and probably not about books. As of May 3, 2016 The One With Books is inactive. Thank you for an amazing year and keep an eye out for me, you never know where I might pop up. Happy Tuesday*

*And I’m back after approximately a year without writing. I’m going to try and keep up as of March 8, 2017. Happy Wednesday everybody*


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