J (Short Story Saturday #2)

“Get up” a deep voice whispers with a grunt waking me from my sleep. I feel something cold against my neck not able to exactly identify what it is. Presumably metal. The man grabs my wrists and pulls me from my bed. The cold floor makes my jump and the metal presses deeper into my skin.

Thoughts flood my mind. Who is this man? Why is he in my room? Why am I getting up? What time is it? Am I going to die? He pulls the metal from my neck, covers my mouth, and pulls my from my room down the hallway and down the stairs. I try to yell for help, but it’s nearly impossible. His hands have a strong hold on my face.

By this point tears begin to run down my face. I try to wipe them but his other hand is holding my wrists and guiding me in any direction he goes. He yanks me out the back door and into the cold night. He pushed me into a car where he tapes my mouth and covers my eyes with fabric. He then uses something tight to hold my wrists together on my lap.

Come on Jade, think. How can I escape him. I know this town inside and out. Every turn and street. Pay attention to where he’s driving. Keep track of where he’s going and maybe I can figure out who it is.

The car starts and pulls out of the driveway. Left. 15 seconds then a right. 47 seconds and a right. 5 seconds and a left. A stop. Is that a light or a stop sign? Stopped for 17 seconds. Light.

I continue to keep track of the location. We come to another stop. He gets out the car and leaves me a few minutes. I reach up and uncover my eyes. I look for the keys, but he must have taken them. If I run he will find me and probably kill me. If I stay he will probably kill me. Let’s run.

I open the door as careful as possible and creep down the driveway. I don’t even look to see where I am going and start running down the street.

“What the fuck? Why would you leave her in the car alone?” I hear men yelling in the distance. “You lost her. You find her. Or I’m taking you out.”

I keep running and I hear the car start. My only options are run or knock on someone’s door and ask for help. No one is going to answer their door this late at night. It’s no use. I stop in my tracks and wait for him to find me.

The car stops meters away from me and I willingly get back in the car before he even gets out. We go back to the house. He yanks my by the hair into the house and places me in front of two other men in masks.

They begin to strip me. First my socks and pants. Next my shirt. They leave me vulnerable in just a bra and underwear. At least it’s warm.

“Where is she?” a female growls.

“Right here miss. Just like you asked us,” one man declares with a shaky voice. “You know the three of us…”

“Shut up, I don’t care,” the lady interrupts. “Pretty, pretty Jade. Look at how you’ve grown up. So beautiful and kind.”

Tears roll from my eyes once again. Who is she? How does she know me? I slowly back away from her in fear. She grabs me and pulls me back in front of her.

“Oh are you scared J, don’t be. I’d never hurt a fly, never mind an innocent city girl like you” she says pulling the tape from my mouth. “Now tell me sweetheart. Where is your father. A man like him certainly knows how to run from the devil.”

“I-I don’t know. H-he left me by my-myself. He said my mother w-would be back s-soon. It’s been weeks, “I stutter, breathless from all the weeping.

“Well I guess you’re mine then,” the lady grins and lets out a giggle. She turns to my kidnapper and motions to his pocket. He pulls out a knife and hands it to her. She holds it to my neck. “Now daddy wouldn’t be so happy if his little girl got hurt. Let me ask again. Where. Is. Your. Father,” she demands, each word grinding through her teeth and spitting a little on me.

“I really don’t know miss” I cry desperately. The knife digs deeper into my neck feeling as if it is going to puncture the skin.

“One more time baby girl, where is he.” This time more gentle, but with just as much anger. I don’t reply. “Suit yourself. I’ll let them take care of you” referring to the men. “Boys, don’t be too gentle.”

The men release my wrists, cover my mouth with more tape and take me to another room with a bed. They strip me completely naked and violate my body. All I can do is sob and try to yell. How could he do this to me? Hurt his little girl. Where is my father and what did he do.