Complete failure/ SSS #1

I was writing my short story for today while I took a break from studying for finals and I hate it. I restarted it 3 times and I just can’t figure out what I want it to be. Maybe I’ll figure it out, but for now here’s a small part of it.

The fresh air burns her lungs and she coughs up water. The girl swims to a nearby rock and climbs up to check the contents of the bag. Inside: a flashlight, wads of cash, a gun, a passport, and a letter in a plastic bag.

She takes out the letter and the flashlight.


If you are reading this letter it means you made it out alive. In the bag I’ve left you money, a way to leave, and protection. You are going to be okay. I am going to find you. I’m sorry for everything.


Lola reads the letter over and over again wondering how he could have gotten her into this near death situation. How did he get a gun? Where did he get all of this money? Where is she going that she needs to be found?

It’s not terrible, I just don’t know where I want to go with it.

I’ll work on it though.

Happy Saturday guys 🙂