Let’s talk…about college and life I guess

I should probably be doing my vocab, or at the very least my physics, but I don’t feel like it. I feel like talking. I’m in a babble mood.

I have spring break soon, so I’m super excited for that. I’m probably going to take off work that week and I want to visit colleges, but I’m not sure about that yet. A few weeks ago I had a bunch of colleges in mind, but now I’m obsessed with Boston University.

It’s not good to have a dream school because it puts too much pressure on you to fit into what that school wants, but it’s way too hard not to have a dream school. By all means, have a dream school, but don’t let that mold your high school career. Do what you want in high school, don’t feel like you need to join every club, get a perfect SAT score, and be the top of your class because of a school. It’s not worth stretching yourself out like that. There are plenty of universities that would be lucky to have you.

That being said, I’m taking a 3rd year of Spanish, and honors pre-calc, and AP stats next year because it looks better on college applications.

I get my SAT scores soon so that’s exciting. Once I get those I can really weigh my chances of getting into different schools, but for now, I’m just going with the flow.

But back to BU, I absolutely love the school. The campus is so beautiful. I’m honestly in freaking love. And they have an amazing English program.

I ended up going to sleep last night. I am currently in math, but I already finished my project and handed in, plus my teacher just left us unattended.

Since there’s only two of us of the three there usually is, we pretty much have a free hour to ourselves. I’m just reading about BU and campus tours.

I live about 4 hours from Boston, so I can drive, take a train, or even fly. Of course if I go there, when I move in I’ll drive, but once I move in, I can fly home for $100 round trip.  For a college student that may be a lot, but by the same token, it’s not like I’m flying to Cali.

The only thing I don’t like about BU is that freshmen are required to dorm. For some that may be no problem, but I don’t like sharing a space, I’m used to my own space, my own order of organization, and my own peace and quiet.

I had this awesome idea to have a small studio apartment and it be all my own, but now I can’t do that.

Also, BU dorms are super tiny for freshman.

I need to talk to my counselor soon, and see what I need to do in the next yearish to prepare for college. What scholarships I qualify for. Stuff like that.

Anyways, the period is almost over.

Happy Thursday 🙂