La La Land, IKEA, and Drake’s new album

Over the snow days I had this past week, I watched La La Land, and boy let me tell you. I love it. I have memorized so many songs. LIke honestly if you’re a lover of musicals, you should watch it. It’s very classic broadway meets old hollywood. I just freaking loved it. Plus it was a romance. Like it was honestly my ideal musical. You, whoever you are, even if you hate musicals, should most definitely watch it.

I still have to watch Moonlight, but I will probably do that this week, along with finishing season 2 of Love on Netflix, and seeing if there’s any new Mindy Project or Jane the Virgin episodes I need to watch.


Yesterday I went to IKEA with my mom because she just moved, and it was honestly so much fun. I never really get to spend one on one time with her, so testing beds and couches was a ton of fun. We criticized peoples prom dresses and talked about college a little bit. It was honestly a lot of fun.

And now, I’m working on VHS and listening to More Life, Drake’s new album. I don’t really gravitate towards rap, but I figured since I’m in the mood for rap and Drake just dropped a new album I might as well listen to it. A little break from my La La Land binge. It’s okay so far. I know I like Fake Love, but I’m only two songs in.

Besides La La Land, I’ve only been listening to 2-3 other songs this week. Surprisingly, it’s not even Panic! like usual. It’s Location  by Khalid, All the Time by Jeremih, and Falling Short by Låpsley. My VNYL curator is probably so confused, but I’ll explain VNYL in a later post, probably when I get my next box in like a week or two I think. 

ANyways, enjoy your week. Happy Sunday 🙂


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