That Time I Took the SAT and Didn’t Throw Up

I woke up at 6:15 this morning to ensure that I had enough time to shower, eat breakfast, and clear my mind. I had plenty of time to shower, but since I was so nervous, I had trouble clearing my mind and eating. From the time I woke up to the time I received my testing materials in my testing room I honestly thought I was going to throw up. My nerves were bouncing all over the place. I felt like I was going to do terrible. I just had to many things in my brain telling me that I couldn’t do it, but honestly it wasn’t that hard.

I had to be at my testing center by 7:45.  When you get there you’re probably going to sit in a general area with everyone else until they start checking IDs and testing tickets. This is where my first real problem arose. On Collegeboard, my testing ticket was fine. It matched my school ID and I was set. But, word to advice to anyone who’s taking the SAT: make sure that when you print your ticket that the picture is clear. You’ll likely be okay, but just in case. Some people actually got turned away from my testing center which is what scared me the most.

Once you get through the ID checking, you’ll likely receive a room number. Your room will again check your ID and test ticket. This is a common thing. If you leave or enter the room you must have your ID and test ticket checked.

My room had 20 people in it. Once we all were checked in the test giver person checked our calculators and offered pencils to those who needed. She also made sure all phones were off and in the front of the room. We had the option of putting our phones in the basket or in our bag in the front of the room. I just put mine in my basket.

Then it moves on to filling in your test information on the answer sheet. All the boring stuff that ensures you get the proper test results in a timely manner and that you’re taking the correct test, in my case SAT with Essay. That took about 15 minutes.

The first two section were english and the second two were math. Then the optional essay was the final sections. I got to the testing center at around 7:40 and left at 1:00, just to give you a rough idea on time, but I’ll go further into  the time per section in a second.

Like I said the first section was english. This was a 65 minute section with a lot of analyzing and honestly, some pretty boring excerpts/articles. I think I did fairly well on this section considering that’s usually what I have trouble with. I had about 20 minutes to spare so I took a small nap and had a dream about a squirrel, which my friend said is because one of the articles mentioned squirrels.

The second section was more grammar, paragraph structure, and definitions. That’s something I’m good at (because I read books), so again I found it fairly easy. This section was 35 minutes. I finished pretty much on time. I had only 5 minutes to spare.

Then was the first math section, no calculator. These Collegeboard crazies think that we can do 40 questions without a calculator in 25 minutes. I think not. Needless to say, I guessed on a lot of those questions.

After there was a 55 minute math section with calculator. It was more challenging, but having a calculator made it easier to check if my responses made sense.

And finally there’s the essay. You have 55 minutes to write an essay that answers the prompt. I like writing (obviously) so it wasn’t too hard.

I should get my scores back April 13, so I will let you guys know how I do. I am thinking I got higher than a 1200, but I’m not sure. I’m just confident. But then again, where does my confidence usually get me?

Happy Saturdays guys 🙂