Getting serious

I got home from work about 2 hours ago and like usual I did my homework and then sat on my phone. My homework was fairly simple, just a few problems in the textbook and a quick VHS assignment, and work was fine. It went by pretty fast.

Anyways, I want to get serious. I said I was back and I fully intend to be. I just feel very motivated to write. It may be a short lived thing, or maybe I’m back for good. I’m not sure yet, I just know that I’m going to keep writing until I have no words left to say. I mean I’m essentially a diary blogger, so I’ll eventually run out of things to say, which is okay.

I’m still kind of scared about my SAT this saturday. I’m aiming for 1200-1450, but I’ll probably be closer to a 1200 since this is only my first time taking it. I know for a fact that I’ll do good on the essay, and most of the english. Maybe the calculator section. The no calculator is what I’m really bad at. I’ve been practicing, but it’s still kind of hard. I just like the reassurance I guess. And I suck at time management which is why I didn’t finish the no calculator on my PSAT. I’ll keep you updated on it though.

Anywho, I’m going to get ready for bed, goodnight guys.

Happy Thursday 🙂