And I’ve returned…

I’m sure those of you who occasionally check up to see if there’s anything new anticipated me returning to my natural habitat, and you are right. I miss it. I miss spewing all of my ideas and not caring if someone’s going to read it or not.

My life has been pretty hectic this past year or so. I’m  taking my first SAT on saturday which is fun, but scary at the same time. I have a really awesome job that supports my impulse buying. I have my prom in June, and an amazing dress and date. I’m seriously looking into colleges and scholarships and grants and financial aid. Which brings me to the reason I’m back.

Besides me missing writing and expressing my thoughts, I want to document my next year and a few months since I have college applications and acceptance letters and college tours coming up. I want it not only to be here for me to look back on, but also so that other people can look to it when they’re doing college applications. I was trying to find a blog, but I had little success. I’m also just really bad at finding things.

Anywho, I guess I can give you a current life update. I have above an 85 in all of my classes, including AP Physics and Pre-Calc Honors. I’m co editor of my school newspaper. My boyfriend asked me to prom in front of the whole school at a pep rally. I have two jobs, one as a tutor, and the other as a kinda tutor thing grader person at my “real” government taking out taxes even though I’m only 16 job. I got glasses. And I pretty much broke my habits of biting my nails and oversleeping. Also, I’m writing my research/term paper on the importance of LGBT inclusive Young Adult literature in shaping teen lives.

Thank you for coming back if you did. And welcome if you’re new. I’m going to get back into the swing of things, maybe even try #100daysofhappiness since I’ve seen that on social media and love the idea. I’m not going to commit to that yet though.

Alrighty, happy Wednesday guys 🙂