Holiday Break, Injured Ankles, and Giant Stuffed Bears

‘Tis the season guys!

It’s Christmas Eve, and here I am, the first day of holiday/winter/Christmas break, on my couch with a giant stuffed bear and a broken ankle.

I’m out of school until January 4th, and can you believe that you guys have been reading my nonsense for nearly a year! I’m ecstatic to have seen such a grow in my followers. I love each and every one of you. You make my writing worth it and it’s truly an astonishing feeling.

Over break, I surprisingly only have English homework, and it’s pretty easy. The rest of my teachers were just like eh whatever, you don’t need homework. I’m happy it’s English homework though because my lowest grade is in English (74.4) and I am fairly good at writing things for my teacher. But, other than that English assignment, I’m free!

Anywho, as you know I hurt my ankle. I’m a complete spaz and managed to sprain 2 ligaments, tear one, and fracture something playing hockey. I’m on crutches for another 5 and a half weeks and then I have physical therapy, and frankly I’m over it. I’m constantly tired (more than usual). Hopefully these 6 weeks go fast because if not I may die.

My friends are all amazing and got me fantastic gifts. I got a scarf, some socks, earrings, The Book Thief in hard cover, a Leo bracelet (it’s my astrological sign), a Banned Books mug, 2 gift cards, and a GIANT STUFFED BEAR! His name is Mr. Bear. Creative, I know. Forreal though I’ve been snuggled up with Mr. Bear all day. He is the best gift. I love him.

This is Mr. Bear, but he has a bow on his neck.

Okie, well, Merry Christmas and happy holidays loves!