Forgotten: A very short story

(My friends asked me to help her on a project a few weeks ago and I wrote this for her, and I just reread it and I actually like it, so here it is.)

The kids don’t play with me anymore. They are interested in their phones and their laptops more than they are in their favorite past time. I’ve been in the bottom of this dingy box for a few months, maybe years, I’ve lost track. It’s not like they gradually lost interest in me, they just got new gifts from mommy and daddy one day and I suddenly no longer mattered. Mommy and daddy threw me and others in this box, shoved us in the corner, and none of us have seen the light of day since. Kids these days only care about what’s on the internet; I remember the days when these kids would have their friends over and they would be excited to stay up all night and show me off, but now, they sit on their phones, showing each other memes, not even verbally speaking to one another, but rather texting. I miss the old days, the days where I was the best thing in the world. Now, I’m just an old board game in a box that has been shoved in the corner, and the kids have all lost interest.

So, the assignment was to personify something, and I think I did a pretty good job. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed 🙂