It’s Almost September…


(That moment you realize welcome**** is spelled wrong but you like the picture too much to find a different one)

That means It’s almost fall. Almost time for sweaters and pumpkin flavored things. Almost time for school.

Honestly, I don’t hate school. I don’t necessarily like it either though. School is pretty much the only way I see my friends on a regular basis, and it’s also the only time I manage my time wisely. But, school also means that I care more for my appearance and I do better at waking up at decent times. To be fair, in the past week, I’ve been waking up before noon, so that’s pretty good.

Anyway, we finally got our schedules a few days ago, and originally I didn’t have physical education and had three electives, which is fantastic, but I need to have P.E. because I need to take the drivers ed course thing that we take sophomore year. So, now I have P.E.

I don’t really have classes with any of my friends. Honestly, that’s probably really good because I don’t know how to shut up, and I have set some pretty steep goals this year. I love my friends, just to be clear, but y’all are so distracting. I mean, of course I have classes with people I communicate with, but it’s not like last year where I had several friends in pretty much every single class.

And I almost forgot to mention, my school implemented block scheduling. That pretty much means you spend an hour in a class, but don’t go to all eight classes. Which in theory is a great idea being that I’m not a huge fan of all my teachers, and I want time to think things through, especially in Chemistry and Algebra II, but lets be real, gym for 55 minutes, 4 days a week is not my idea of fun. Well, actually I don’t mind a whole bunch because I had a lot of fun in gym last year when we weren’t running outside.

Anyway, in other news, surprise surprise I literally suck at writing regularly. Ideally, I wanted to write everyday, but that obviously hasn’t happened. I average about 3 posts a month if that. And what’s even better is that I have no excuse because I spend 85% of my time on the internet, and the rest sleeping, eating and occasionally hanging out with the one friend I have. But now she’s busy doing summer homework, and school is starting and we don’t even go to the same school so I wont see her ever again! By ever again I mean we are going to go at least 4-5 months after school starts without seeing each other outside of dance because between me debating and math leaguing (wow, didn’t think leaguing was a word) and her being a smarticle particle at her fancy academy school, we don’t have time, which really sucks. And this got really off track. So, I suck at writing, but I am taking a journalism class, so hopefully that will come in handy with me writing more often, or blogging with acing journalism. That’s why I started this paragraph, to tell you I was taking a journalism class, but I get so distracted. By virtually everything.

I think that’s pretty much the extent of my life since last time we talked, well I talked and you listened. Do I wish i had done more than binge watch movie this summer? Yes, but would I trade it to be part of society and socialize? absolutely not.

Oh I almost forgot, being that I watched a sad and rather large amount of movies, I am going to review my top ten movies of my life time, and then my top ten books of my life time, since I haven’t posted in a while. So keep a look out for those. Happy Saturday!