Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday! YAY! And what better way to start off the day with a broken phone!

Back in October I cracked my screen because I’m stupid and took off my case for months.  Anyway, it’s been practically a year, but today, my birthday, my phone decides to stop working. Like come on. It’s just a black screen with some grey lines. This is torture. I mean to me anyway. How does one whose life revolves around social media and the internet survive without a smartphone! I see these next few hours as a technology detox, I mean besides being on a laptop, because that was my first instinct.

Technology has taken over my life. This is so bad. I’m an addict and I’m admitting it. I don’t know what to do with myself. Eh, its whatever. I’ll live.

Anyway, it’s my birthday. I’m just going out with a few of my friends for pizza. Then dinner and a movie with my parents and getting my phone fixed. The first 12 hours have been something but it could be worse. I’m going to get ready. Thanks for reading