I have been M.I.A. for 30 days. I don’t have a reason other than that anytime I went to write I lost inspiration. I have had pretty sucky writers block for a few weeks, and I think it’s finally gone. And even though it is past midnight, and I have more important things to do like sleep, I think it’s important that I share what’s happening and where I’ve been. First, I’ve been getting ready for vacation, I’m going to Bermuda! Second, my birthday is in 5 days. I mean that’s no excuse to be missing but still. Third, I went on a date! I, the girl who spends all her time on her phone or laptop, went on a date. But I’ll get to that. Last, I’ve been working on my homework, and by working I mean trying to get it done but getting preoccupied and getting very little done.

So, I’m going to Bermuda in exactly a week, so that means at least one more week of me being missing, but you have me all week, and I have a lot of things that I actually want to write about before I leave. Also my birthday is Friday. I share my birthday with J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter not that I care much for the latter. And my date. I went to see Inside Out, which was amazing for the record, with my best friend/ current boyfriend, who I will not name because I don’t think he reads this and that’s no fair plus I don’t feel like asking to use his name because that is a lot of work and this is such a run on sentence. Anyway, so yea I went on a date, and I have a boyfriend, and I told myself that I wasn’t going to write about anyone I date, if I were to ever date someone because I didn’t want to look back on these relationships, so I’m breaking my rule. We were best friends beforehand so I’ll let this slide. But the date was fun, and the movie was good, and it was an overall good day.

Now for the homework that I’ve yet to accomplish. You know about it already, but like I’m super lazy and I still haven’t finished it. Yay procrastination! I’m gonna finish it this week, I just have no motivation to do anything ever and I’m surprised that I even cleaned my room, which is now spotless and calming. So yea I’m unmotivated to do life stuff and tend to spend the day in bed working on my homework for like an hour or two then spending the rest of the day reading the news or social media stuff.

Anyway, I will try super super hard to be better at this. I love blogging I think I just needed a break. I’m back and I’m better. I’m happy and more motivated, even if that motivation is in the middle of the night. I love you guys and I am sorry that I haven’t been here. Good night!