Stop Stabbing Me

I’m just going to be up front with you guys, I feel like there’s a war going on in my uterus. Literally it hurt to laugh while playing badminton today, but that’s not going to prevent me from being excited about the near end of my freshman year. My last day of school is June 17th then I’m free from work (besides summer homework) for like 2ish months. It is May 23 2015 and without weekends and combining half days and minus finals, I only have 10 and a half days left. Technically I have to go to school for 17 more days but lots of half days and 4 days of finals leaves nothing really. I only have like a week left of actual learning, then it’s a week of final review. A full day on Monday finals week, then 4 half days, one of which I either leave at 10 or go in at 10 since I only have one test that day. Then last 3 days of school are movies and chatting. Those are the days I always bring my phone charger. If I’m going to go class to class on my phone then it will die and I will probably cry. It’s sad that my idea of fun is sitting on my phone and talking to my friends. Yea talking to my friends is tons of fun, but we all sit on our phones. We will be a class room away from each other and texting. Not that I text my friends in class all day… that would be terribly disrespectful of me. 10 days. 10 short days of school. TEN days until I’m a sophomore. Well technically I’m not a sophomore until I get my schedule which I’m pretty sure I can find out in like July by checking Genesis (online grad checking thing), but whatever.

Speaking of schedules I picked what I want to take. I’ll most likely be taking AP Chemistry, AP Algebra II, APUSH I (ap us history), English 10 CP, Spanish II, Gym (by law, obviously), Creative writing (1/2 year)/Contemporary Literature (1/2 year), Forensics, and then I have alternates in case I don’t get my electives, those are journalism I and Culinary I. I get an extra class next year because my school is trying out a new schedule. We are going to have a rotation/drop/ABCD day schedule, which pretty much means I go to each class for an hour and I don’t go to every class. It’s a good idea in theory but it’s gonna be a mess. At least I don’t have to see terrible teachers all the time haha. That’s terrible. I’m a terrible person.

I’m ready for sophomore year. I’m ready to move on. To make new friends. To be myself. I was myself this year, but I want to be a better version of myself. I want to be a me that I would gladly be friends with. I want to be the me that reads all the time, while getting perfect grades and maintaining a healthy social life. It’s asking for a lot, but I can handle it. I’m ready for it. Okay well, that’s all. I am going to walk into school next year as a sophomore not caring about what other people say and just be myself. That’s all I ever wanted. See ya later everyone. Happy Memorial Day.