Having the perfect luck

Now, I wouldn’t call this exactly luck, more of catching hints and ultimately asking a very important question, but that’s not the point. My life as a freshman is drawing to a close, thank god, and I was told the best news of my life. Now before you go asking what this news is, I’m not sharing it. Anyway, I was told amazing things, and all it took was a little jealousy and being my self.
The past three days (Friday to this afternoon) have taught me its cool to be myself. I am smart, funny, adorable, fun to be around, and once you really get to know me, you’ll see my true colors, which is necessary. If I were to go through life without showing my true colors, then I wouldn’t be where I am. I’ve made amazing friends being the way I am. I believe that being yourself is important. You don’t want people to fall in love with the you that you’re not. Whether that person be a significant other or friends.
I also learned that I should always be forward. Lying to my friend screwed with my him. I lied to make his life easier but today I told him the truth and everything was better. I mean it wasn’t a bad lie I just lied on a scale of one to ten. I downplayed some things to make then seem not as they were. Not the point. Being truthful l, especially toward people you care about is important.
The final thing I learned is that I’m appreciated and loveable. I’ve had a few problems this year with self confidence. I’m better now and will rock whatever the heck I want, but I am disappointed is took me so long to realize that I’m appreciated and that I’m a beautiful unicorn who you don’t wanna mess with. Just because I act crazy doesn’t me I am crazy.
What I’m trying to say I guess is that if you don’t like me that’s okay. If people don’t like you that’s okay. Being yourself us what people love. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your unicorn horn. Impale the haters. Unicorn on guys! Thanks for sticking around to my slacking self.


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