Model Congress Day 1: Waiting for Ice Cream.

Its 1:46 pm and here I lay on a school buss with a $3 water bottle on my way to model congress. I’m scared and excited. I was reading, but I wanted to write. I want to do what I love. I’m typing on my phone so just excuse mistakes if any. Well, model congress is officially here. In about an hour or so I will be walking into my hotel with some of my closest friends. And some new friends that I’ve made because of this trip. The first hour was well, we stopped at a rest stop and had Roy Rodgers which I’ve never even heard of, but it was pretty good food. I opted for a water just for the matter that soda makes me have to pee. I’m happy the hotel were staying at has a computer lounge so I can always just edit this there. My friends and I have had fun so far and I’m looking forward to a weekend with them.

It’s now 12:43 am. I’ve been in the hotel for about an hour. We left committee at like 11 but walking in a large group in heels proves rather difficult. (Note to self, wear sneakers and change) we got back the hotel and all met upstairs and I wlreally wanted ice cream so I put on pajama pants under my dress and went across the street to Wawa with my friend and bought ice cream and waited in line with 7trillion other people. I guess everyone wanted a late night snack. A police officer that was waiting to pay for his coffee asked what was going on because there was a bunch of teens in dress clothes. You’d think he know. Psh. I’ve had a lot of fun today so far. I can’t wait to present my bill tomorrow. I will keep you guys updated. And I’m off to bed. Goodnight world.

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