I don’t have a favorite music artist :/

It has been a terribly lazy Sunday for me. I’ve done homework and listened to music, buts that’s really all. I spent a short while trying to figure out what on earth I wanted to write, and upon all of this thinking, I realized that if I continue to write throughout high school, maybe even college, I’ll have a diary that won’t disappear or get lost. Something that I will write in with leisure and never stop writing in. In, 20-25 years when I’m married with kids, or a lonely dog lady, I’ll have something to look back on, and reflect on. So that’s what I realized today. I then was like, oh lets write about music. Wait… I don’t know how to have favorites.

I love music. I listen to music for easily 5 hours a day. I’m constantly plugged into my head phones, in my own world, ignoring my surroundings. I never really have a favorite song or artist though. I’ll fan girl over an artist for a while, but I just like everyone equally. I’m currently obsessed with The Weeknd (for the first time), Ingrid Michaelson (again) and Sia (again). I tend to be obsessed with an artist numerous times. My top right now is The Weeknd. I heard Devil May Cry from him when the Catching Fire soundtrack came out and I was like he’s cool, but then he was in Ariana’s song, and now he’s on the 50 shades soundtrack and I was like okay let’s listen to some of his other music. He’s pretty good. Of course my preferences are different from yours, but I like him. Right now, my favorite song by him is either, Often, Earned it, or Drunk in love. They’re all amazing, but those are my repeats right now.

Ingrid isn’t new to me. I’ve loved her forever, and I was just listening to Pandora, and I heard a song from her that I forgot about and then ended up listening to her whole Lights Out album. Twice. My favorite songs from her are (I Can’t help) Falling in Love with You, and Over You ft. A Great Big World.

Sia oh Sia. The stage thing you’ve got going on I love it and hate it. I’ve been in love with Sia since her song Breathe Me. I’m not a newbie that likes her and knows her because the summer smash hit Chandelier. Don’t get me wrong I love that song, but I loved her first. Anyway, her new album, 1000 Forms of Fear, is just muah! I love it. My Favorite song by her currently is Elastic Heart. Again, I liked it before the video popularized it.

I’ve said Love easily 20 times already. Funny, in the car I always say I hate that song, that songs overplayed, or change the song before anyone else can even decipher what song it is. That’s the thing about always listening to music, I know what song is on within the first 5 seconds and either cringe or turn up the volume. It’s quite sad. I shouldn’t be able to identify a song that fast. Where’s my identifications skills when I’m taking tests. And I can memorize lyrics in a day, yet it takes me forever to memorize notes for a test. Why do you work this brain? You are no help.

It’s now been four hours and I’m still writing this. I get distracted so easily, but 20 minutes or 4 hours, I will get this done. I’ve probably said this before, but I love you guys. You’re my reason for writing. You’re all amazing Homo sapiens. Stay awesome. I need like a catch phrase at the end of all of these. I’ll have to think about that. Anyway, that’s all. Have a fantastical week. You know what to do.