What Does That Even Mean?

Today I was listening to Pandora and I got tired of my “Florence + The Machines Radio,” so I switched to “Todays Hits Radio” and then that extremely annoying song called Tuesday came on and I’m like ugh too lazy to switch songs, I’m going to run out of skips. So I suffered through about 45 seconds of the song and then heard this phrase that I hear multiple times a day in my classes. In the cut. What does that even mean? It hit me that people around my age, ± a few years, use these incredibly useless words/ phrases. So, in honor of the unoriginality of my (our?) generation, I give you my 15 least favorite words or phrases that were created buy or are overused by this generation (that I will probably have to look up the meaning too because #lonerstatus) (sorry for using a pound, (I almost wrote hashtag, get your act together savannah) I know that was probably a bad idea) (okay on forth with the list)

*These are in no specific order, just what came to mind first… I’m also a victim of saying some of these things, I apologize.*

1) Bae (Bæ): Okay, so originally, I thought that this was like a lazy/ “ghetto” way to say babe, but then I figured out via Urban Dictionary that it actually is an abbreviation for Before Anyone Else. I guess that a very small amount of people know this, because I see it everywhere used in the context of babe rather than as an abbreviation. For instance they say “Look how cute me and bae are! *kissy emoji, other “lovey” emoji’s* First of all, they aren’t even using proper grammar, and second, if you used bae as it was intended the sentence would be look how cute me and before anyone else are… that makes no sense. If they were using it correctly that sentence would make sense. A sentence that makes sense would be “You’re bae, I’ll love you forever and always.” While intoxicatingly painful, it makes more sense. If you’re going to use this annoying “word” at least use it correctly.

2) Yeet: okay so it’s not like I’ve heard this often, or really have seen it anywhere, but I don’t know what it means and it’s sorta common within my grade. Literally, the only site to trust for these words/ phrases is urban dictionary. Apparently yeet is a term used to express excitement; especially used in basketball when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are sure will go in the hoop. There’s another definition but it’s inappropriate and I hope that’s not the context people are using it in.

3) Bruh: Let’s just say I’m a victim of saying bruh. I hated it when it started and now I say it all the time. It’s kinda like saying are you kidding me. I feel really meh saying it but it’s become part of my everyday vocabulary. It’s shameful

4) In the cut: Yea, I haven’t a single clue as to what this means. I guess it kinda means an area that no one knows. All the time, I hear people say, someone’s in the cut, or someone came out the cut. I don’t get it.

5)… Or Nah: Seriously, it’s the same as asking or not but in a terribly annoying way. Just say or not. I found it funny only when people were like do you wanna build a snowman or nah. It grew old very fast. I just ugh.

6) On Fleek: Otherwise known as on point and other variations. Probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. And it’s hilarious how it’s always “eyebrows on fleek” why do people care about their eyebrows so much. Like congrats you get your eyebrows done. Unless you’re born flawless like Queen Bey, then noting is on fleek.

7) Basic: 1) one who has no personality; dull and irrelevant

2) just an extra regular female (I say it can be a dude too but whatever)

8) Faded: I assume it has something to do with weed or drugs or being high or something like that. Okay I was close it’s a word used on the west coast (not necessarily) for being high/stoned/blazed. I was right. Bam!

9) Selfie: Just to make this clear, I have nothing wrong with physical selfies, but like I hate the word. Must anything else e said?

10) Thot: Funny story… in health last year we were talking about labeling and my teacher didn’t know what thot was it was hilarious. Anyway, a thot is well, it’s not a nice thing. It means That Hoe over There. It ridiculous. (Thottie, thots, thot all mean the same thing)

11) Squally: Okay I wasn’t aware this and thot was the same thing. I’ll walk away now.

12) Ratchet: An annoying, very rude person. Normally tries to act ghetto by typing in words or phrases such as” AF’ “,” Janky “, ” Finna”, “Cus”, Etc. Most people think of “Ratchet” girls or boys as trashy. In other words a “Ratchet” person is the non-classiest human-being in presence. They usually have the worst grammar problems and they always try to pick fights with everybody. There’s tons of these in my school! We call them… The Ratchets. They all seem to hate me though.

13) Twerk/twerking/any other variations: Just stop. No one wants you to shake your butt it’s doing nothing. Chances are you probably are white and have no booty. I’m not trying to be stereotypical, but let’s be honest. It’s always the basics trying to fit in with the geeks or ratchets. Victim: Miley Cyrus. Case closed.

14) Thirsty: No not like I want water thirsty but like she want all the attention. (I was gonna say something else but I decided against it). Pretty much it means being eager or wanting the attention of the opposite sex (or same sex. LGBTQ+ is totally awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing. Equality for all!)

15) Any words that are extended for no reason: SQUADDD, AYYYYY, YASSSSS, YOOOOOO, and anything else. That’s really annoying.

*BONUS* Gucci (not the brand): It means good or cool. Instead of saying what’s good (still an abomination of the language we speak), guys (maybe girls too) say what’s Gucci. It’s annoying.

Well thats all. You know the drill, like comment and subscribe. Thanks for reading!