Please do (10 things that I’m strangely enough in love with)

Since I did ten things that drive me crazy, I figured I might as well do ten things that I love. Also I forgot it was Sunday and I’m tired. Anyway let’s get right into this fun stuff.

1) Pinterest! Literally I spend 60% of my online time scrolling through Pinterest.  I’m a hardcore Pinner. I have a problem. If you want to check out my boards, here is my account. Pinterest

2) Odd food combinations: I am extremely picky, but I’ve been told that a lot of things that I eat are gross. I like mashed potatoes & ketchup, potato chips & ketchup, sloppy joes & tortilla chips, eating scrambled eggs out of a bowl with ketchup isn’t normal I guess. And the list could go on.

3) Sleep: if you haven’t noticed, most of the times I write something, I mention that I’m tired. Yea I’m always tired. I could sleep all day and still be tired. I have a problem.

4) Netflix: I’m a person. If you’re not in love with Netflix you should seek help. Seriously. What are you doing with your life. What am I doing with my life?

5) Laughing: I laugh. Like a lot. And I snort. Its embarrassing.

6) Binge reading: I’m a total geek. I like binge reading its a relaxing thing.

7) Waiting til last minute to do things:  Seriously, I know that its not a good thing, but I feel that I do work better under pressure. Except when I’m writing. I need to take my sweet time when it comes to writing.

8) Ice cold water: Even in the winter, I always go for an ice cold mug of water. I’m not sure why, I just like the coldness.

9) Hot showers in the winter, cold showers in the summer: Taking a nice hot shower on a cold winters night is the beat feeling and taking an cold shower on a hot summers day is just as amazing.

10) This: by this I mean, writing for you guys, whoever you are. You may be someone my age just looking for some insight on how I handle teenagery things or a mom with 3 kids just looking for some laughs or a relative that I asked to read or a guy that somehow stumbled across my blog and fell head over heals my style of writing, I like writing for you. I know that you’re listening, well reading and maybe even imagining what I’m like in real life. Or not. You could just be reading because your life is as bland as mine and you have no life like me, but either way, I’m thankful for you. All of you. You are the reason I’m still writing. Thank you. You’re all my inspiration.

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