Class rank and being too excited

So midterms were last week I believe. Maybe the week before? I’m not sure, but that doesn’t matter. Anyway, finally the grades were finalized and semester one grades were put up. Semester one grades also mean current class rank! I was skeptical at first as to how well k did, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’m 11th in my class. A class of 133 if you’re wondering. That’s pretty well. Or at least I think so. All my friends and I are in the top 20 because we’re all too smart for our own good, but then there’s that one person who won’t shut up about being 1st. Like congrats but nobody cares anymore. We all know that you’re smart. I’m happy and of course I’ll try and get a little higher by June but for now I’m happy.
In other news, as you know I’m participating in model congress. Model congress is officially a thing for me. I wrote mg bill, and now all k have to do is get my waiver signed and what 47 days until my friends and I bunk together and debate against people from across the country. (There’s someone in my committee from LA) I can wait but at the same time, my excitement has gone from being like yay something new, something fun to oh my lord can these days go any slower. I hope that MC can become something I do every year. It seems like its going to be a lot of fun. Well that’s really all, it’s late and I’ve had a long week and I’m really tired. You know the drill. Share and spread the word about me please and thanks. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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