I don’t have a favorite music artist :/

It has been a terribly lazy Sunday for me. I’ve done homework and listened to music, buts that’s really all. I spent a short while trying to figure out what on earth I wanted to write, and upon all of this thinking, I realized that if I continue to write throughout high school, maybe even college, I’ll have a diary that won’t disappear or get lost. Something that I will write in with leisure and never stop writing in. In, 20-25 years when I’m married with kids, or a lonely dog lady, I’ll have something to look back on, and reflect on. So that’s what I realized today. I then was like, oh lets write about music. Wait… I don’t know how to have favorites.

I love music. I listen to music for easily 5 hours a day. I’m constantly plugged into my head phones, in my own world, ignoring my surroundings. I never really have a favorite song or artist though. I’ll fan girl over an artist for a while, but I just like everyone equally. I’m currently obsessed with The Weeknd (for the first time), Ingrid Michaelson (again) and Sia (again). I tend to be obsessed with an artist numerous times. My top right now is The Weeknd. I heard Devil May Cry from him when the Catching Fire soundtrack came out and I was like he’s cool, but then he was in Ariana’s song, and now he’s on the 50 shades soundtrack and I was like okay let’s listen to some of his other music. He’s pretty good. Of course my preferences are different from yours, but I like him. Right now, my favorite song by him is either, Often, Earned it, or Drunk in love. They’re all amazing, but those are my repeats right now.

Ingrid isn’t new to me. I’ve loved her forever, and I was just listening to Pandora, and I heard a song from her that I forgot about and then ended up listening to her whole Lights Out album. Twice. My favorite songs from her are (I Can’t help) Falling in Love with You, and Over You ft. A Great Big World.

Sia oh Sia. The stage thing you’ve got going on I love it and hate it. I’ve been in love with Sia since her song Breathe Me. I’m not a newbie that likes her and knows her because the summer smash hit Chandelier. Don’t get me wrong I love that song, but I loved her first. Anyway, her new album, 1000 Forms of Fear, is just muah! I love it. My Favorite song by her currently is Elastic Heart. Again, I liked it before the video popularized it.

I’ve said Love easily 20 times already. Funny, in the car I always say I hate that song, that songs overplayed, or change the song before anyone else can even decipher what song it is. That’s the thing about always listening to music, I know what song is on within the first 5 seconds and either cringe or turn up the volume. It’s quite sad. I shouldn’t be able to identify a song that fast. Where’s my identifications skills when I’m taking tests. And I can memorize lyrics in a day, yet it takes me forever to memorize notes for a test. Why do you work this brain? You are no help.

It’s now been four hours and I’m still writing this. I get distracted so easily, but 20 minutes or 4 hours, I will get this done. I’ve probably said this before, but I love you guys. You’re my reason for writing. You’re all amazing Homo sapiens. Stay awesome. I need like a catch phrase at the end of all of these. I’ll have to think about that. Anyway, that’s all. Have a fantastical week. You know what to do.


Something a Little Different

Its ­review day! So, I’m going to be doing something a little bit different. I haven’t had time to finish a book, and the book I’m reading is like 600 pages so I wasn’t planning on reviewing a book anyway. Today I’m going to be reviewing the attitude of the male population at my school. Let me just say, there are some really nice people that I’m glad to call my friends, but there are some other people who are just plane ignorant. While I’m flattered if you think I’m pretty, don’t expect more than a thank you. I don’t know you, and I don’t really care to know you either. I’m not going to go out of my way, or leave my conversation for more than the two seconds than it takes to say thank you. The other day, Tuesday I believe, I was in art and someone was like your hair looks nice, I was talking to my two other friends, I turned to the person said aw thanks, and went back to my conversations. Since then I’ve been getting the cold shoulder. Whatever I don’t really mind. Sorry that I was in the middle of a conversation you decided to interrupt. Then yesterday, I went to my English teacher real quick after school, and then I went out the main staircase, which I usually never do. I was just trying to walk down the stairs, and some guy was “ay, yo ma” and I turned around and was like excuse me? Literally that took me by such surprise that I had a stunned look on my face. I said that, then proceeded to walk down the stairs. One of the other people was like “oh you scared her away.” I’ll have you know, that I wasn’t scared away, I just don’t attend to ignorance, it’s a waste of my time. I didn’t know that such an amount of stupidity existed. You talk to me like that and expect an answer. Yea okay. I really don’t get the people at my school. Oh, and then today I was half tempted to say something really mean. I was leaving, and these two girls in my grade thought I was someone else because I had my hair down and it’s curly, and their like oh I thought you were such and such. I’m just like I don’t look like her, and then the one girl is like but the hair, and I was tempted to say, my hair isn’t a rats nest like your friends, but instead I repeated that I look nothing like her. And then the same girl said something else and I was like about to say, I’m happy I’m not her, I have easily 4 times the amount of brain cells she has, but there was a teacher and I had no back up if this turned into a fight so I shut my mouth and went home. So yea, this is what I deal with on a weekly basis. It’s kind of upsetting. Well that’s all, you know the drill! Happy Thursday! (Oh and Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the goat!)

I Got A Liebster Award?!

You could only imagine my shock when I was looking through my stats and saw that there was an external link from another blog that was leading to mine. I clicked the link to see here the link as, and it turns out I was nominated for a Liebster award. I have no clue what it is, but it’s pretty cool. Now that I’ve done research and somehow ended up with a free eBook in the process, I’ll get right into what I have to do!


If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, write a blog post about the Liebster award in which you:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)
  3. Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
  4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 350 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)
  6. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
  7. List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:
  8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)

So first I’d like to thank Chloe is Confused for nominating me. It means a lot to know that people actually like what I write and don’t mind how sporadic and pointless some of my posts are. And now:

Some random facts about me!

1) I overthink a lot of things. I tend to make things harder than they need to be, or even intend to be.

2) I have weird favorites. My favorite color is orange. My favorite number is 3. My favorite holiday is Halloween. My favorite season is autumn. My favorite weather is rainy/cloudy. My favorite music isn’t pop or country.

3) I believe a person can have more than one best friend. Why not? I know best friend implies the greatest, but it’s not fair to see one person as better than everyone else. If you see a group of people as your best friends that’s different.

4) I also believe that you’re never too old to do anything. Especially trick or treating. I’m going to be that person who trick or treats well into their twenties and then hopefully with my children when I’m into my thirties. Candy is delicious and costumes are fun. Don’t judge.

5) I can always tell when something is bothering one of my friends. It’s just this thing that I just get this feeling and I can’t explain it.

6) I find the stupidest things adorable. You do a cute smile thing, I’ll bother you about it all the time. You have a funny laugh, it’s adorable. You have terrible handwriting, I’ll learn to read it and make fun of you for it, but it’s still adorable.

7) I’m always cold. It could be 80 degrees and I’ll be under a blanket. I don’t know why, I just love blankets.

8) I fall asleep without a blanket. I need to have a blanket on top of me to sleep. Even if it’s hot, I won’t fall asleep without a blanket. I’ll end up taking it off in the middle of the night, but I need the blanket.

9) I feel that I have extraordinarily terrible luck. I always forget things, or lose or break things. Not matter what I do. Just I manage to ruin a lot of things.

10) I like to do a lot of things, I just never stick. Netflix is great, but I get bored after a while. Cooking is fun, but I’m terribly impatient. Baking is delicious, but I can’t eat the batter because I could get sick. I adore reading, but sometimes I get into a reading funk that I can’t get out of.

11) There’s really not much more interesting things about myself. I’m a pretty boring person.

Chloe’s Questions:

1) Do you keep your blog secret from people you know in real life? Or do you actively encourage people to read it?

It depends. I don’t actively encourage people to read, but I don’t hide it. I told my friends and I’ve told family, but this blog is more of a way for me to express my thoughts rather than getting people to read it.

2) What is your favorite film and book genres?

I don’t have a favorite film genre, mostly because I watch almost everything, but books, I usually stick with YA Fiction because I find it more interesting. I also like thrillers and Sci-Fi.

3) What are some of your biggest ambitions for the future?

I want to become either a trauma surgeon or a pediatrician. If I become a pediatrician, then I want to open my own practice. I’m terrible ambitious for my age.

4) Do you believe in the concept of New Year’s resolutions?

No, I do not. The New Year shouldn’t be your inspiration to do things. You should be your inspiration to do things. I mean, technically blogging was my resolution, but I started before the New Year, so I don’t count that.

5) If you could choose for any character from a book/film to be developed more, who would it be? Why?

Since I read more than I watch movies, I pick any lead female character in Becca Fitzpatrick books. I love her books, but the female lead always disappoints me.

6) Do you have any role models, or idols? If so, why do you look up to them?

I love and adore Mindy Kaling. She is my inspiration. I look up to her because she’s not afraid to flaunt her body. She knows she’s not a size 0 but she doesn’t care. She is happy with her size 8 figure and I should be too. I am happy with my body.

7) What is your worst habit?

Definitely biting my nails. Nasty I know. It’s not really a nervous thing, it’s more of a comfort thing. Just like scratching my head and picking at my hair. Not nervous ticks, just comforting things that I do.

8) Are you happy with your life at the moment?

I’m fairly happy. Of course there’s things that id love to fix, but overall, I’m pretty happy.

9) What is/was your favorite subject at school? Why?

Probably math. It’s not a matter of me liking it, it’s just that I’m good at it. I like things that I’m good at.

10) What trait do you most look for and admire in a person?

I know this is such a typical thing to say, but I look at people’s personalities.

11) If you could change just one thing about the world, what would be top on your list?

I wouldn’t change anything. I mean, we’re a pretty messed up place, but I don’t want to change anything. One thing changes everything.

I Nominate:

1)  Diary of a Wallflower

2) DMBFangirl

3) Some Mad Hope

4) Passionately Unpredictable

5) Little Allie Big World

6) Whatever Works With Me

7) Can U Not

8) Science of Destruction

My Questions for you:

1)  If you could live in any book/movie for the rest of your life, which would it be?

2) How did you meet your first best friend? Are you still friends with them?

3) What inspired you to start a blog?

4) What’s your first/ favorite childhood memory?

5) What’s the worst/ most regretted thing that you’ve ever done?

6) What’s something no one knows about you?

7) If you were given $50,000 to use to move anywhere and sustain life until you get a job, where would you move? How would you spend the money?

8) What’s your favorite and least favorite books and movies?

9) Do you have any weird quirks?

10) Do you have any siblings? If so how many? Do you wish you were an only child? If not, do you wish you did? How many siblings would you want?

11) Have you ever threatened anyone?

Again, I’d like to thank Chloe is Confused for nominating me. It means a lot to know that people actually like what I write and don’t mind how sporadic and pointless some of my posts are. Check out her blog.

Well that’s all, you know the drill. Have a happy Sunday!

Delayed Book Review Time! Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

I put off writing this review yesterday since I was almost done with a book that I rather review than Romeo and Juliet then I put it off all day. It is now 9:30 pm and I am just beginning. Hey, at least I’m doing it! Anyway let’s dive in head first into this review, but first, in order for me to give a through reasoning for my thoughts, I will have to forewarn you that there is going to be spoilers.

Okay so this morning (probably afternoon), I finished reading a book by my favorite author (unless Rebecca Stead writes another book). I absolutely love Becca Fitzpatrick! She’s become probably my favorite author since I’ve read all of her books and am anticipating her new book coming out in October. I got Black Ice for Christmas from a friend but then left it at another friend’s house and just got it back on Monday so I decided to read it right then and there. It took me all but a few days to read this and now ill dissect the pros and cons of this book!


-Korbie is kind or pointless and honestly shouldn’t be a character. She is just the annoying best friend who got them in the hostage situation in the first place. I didn’t really care for her. She was irritating to say the least, and I don’t know why Britt stayed best friends with her all her life.  I’m happy she got left behind. Unfortunately she lived. But she and Britt aren’t friends anymore so that’s cool.

-Britt is also kind of annoying. I thought that she would go through a character growth thing like all characters do, but she didn’t grow the way I hoped she would. She got stronger, but she was too obsessive over her ex, and seemed terribly reliant on all the men in her life. Even when she wasn’t trying to be reliant on guys, she still seemed reliant.

-it was predictable at times, but there were also a lot of plot twists that I’m not sure I’m completely in love with.


-Britt is smarter than she seems. Shes annoying and too girly for my liking but she prepared for the trip and managed to outsmart her kidnapers. I mean she is smart enough to keep things hidden and lie but she falls in love with her kidnapper. Cute but I don’t think it was a smart idea.

-Britt ends up happy and with new friends, with her true love, and never hears from Korbie again. YAY!

-It wasn’t always predictable and through me for a lot of loops. Over all I give it a 4 of 5.

Becca, keep writing books. I’m super excited for Dangerous Lies. Can October come any slower? Please don’t come any slower.  I enjoyed Black Ice and The Hush, Hush Saga. I can’t wait to write a review on her next book! Well, that’s all. It’s always fun talking to strangers! Share, follow, enjoy! Thanks for listening to me rant, I appreciate it.

What Does That Even Mean?

Today I was listening to Pandora and I got tired of my “Florence + The Machines Radio,” so I switched to “Todays Hits Radio” and then that extremely annoying song called Tuesday came on and I’m like ugh too lazy to switch songs, I’m going to run out of skips. So I suffered through about 45 seconds of the song and then heard this phrase that I hear multiple times a day in my classes. In the cut. What does that even mean? It hit me that people around my age, ± a few years, use these incredibly useless words/ phrases. So, in honor of the unoriginality of my (our?) generation, I give you my 15 least favorite words or phrases that were created buy or are overused by this generation (that I will probably have to look up the meaning too because #lonerstatus) (sorry for using a pound, (I almost wrote hashtag, get your act together savannah) I know that was probably a bad idea) (okay on forth with the list)

*These are in no specific order, just what came to mind first… I’m also a victim of saying some of these things, I apologize.*

1) Bae (Bæ): Okay, so originally, I thought that this was like a lazy/ “ghetto” way to say babe, but then I figured out via Urban Dictionary that it actually is an abbreviation for Before Anyone Else. I guess that a very small amount of people know this, because I see it everywhere used in the context of babe rather than as an abbreviation. For instance they say “Look how cute me and bae are! *kissy emoji, other “lovey” emoji’s* First of all, they aren’t even using proper grammar, and second, if you used bae as it was intended the sentence would be look how cute me and before anyone else are… that makes no sense. If they were using it correctly that sentence would make sense. A sentence that makes sense would be “You’re bae, I’ll love you forever and always.” While intoxicatingly painful, it makes more sense. If you’re going to use this annoying “word” at least use it correctly.

2) Yeet: okay so it’s not like I’ve heard this often, or really have seen it anywhere, but I don’t know what it means and it’s sorta common within my grade. Literally, the only site to trust for these words/ phrases is urban dictionary. Apparently yeet is a term used to express excitement; especially used in basketball when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are sure will go in the hoop. There’s another definition but it’s inappropriate and I hope that’s not the context people are using it in.

3) Bruh: Let’s just say I’m a victim of saying bruh. I hated it when it started and now I say it all the time. It’s kinda like saying are you kidding me. I feel really meh saying it but it’s become part of my everyday vocabulary. It’s shameful

4) In the cut: Yea, I haven’t a single clue as to what this means. I guess it kinda means an area that no one knows. All the time, I hear people say, someone’s in the cut, or someone came out the cut. I don’t get it.

5)… Or Nah: Seriously, it’s the same as asking or not but in a terribly annoying way. Just say or not. I found it funny only when people were like do you wanna build a snowman or nah. It grew old very fast. I just ugh.

6) On Fleek: Otherwise known as on point and other variations. Probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. And it’s hilarious how it’s always “eyebrows on fleek” why do people care about their eyebrows so much. Like congrats you get your eyebrows done. Unless you’re born flawless like Queen Bey, then noting is on fleek.

7) Basic: 1) one who has no personality; dull and irrelevant

2) just an extra regular female (I say it can be a dude too but whatever)

8) Faded: I assume it has something to do with weed or drugs or being high or something like that. Okay I was close it’s a word used on the west coast (not necessarily) for being high/stoned/blazed. I was right. Bam!

9) Selfie: Just to make this clear, I have nothing wrong with physical selfies, but like I hate the word. Must anything else e said?

10) Thot: Funny story… in health last year we were talking about labeling and my teacher didn’t know what thot was it was hilarious. Anyway, a thot is well, it’s not a nice thing. It means That Hoe over There. It ridiculous. (Thottie, thots, thot all mean the same thing)

11) Squally: Okay I wasn’t aware this and thot was the same thing. I’ll walk away now.

12) Ratchet: An annoying, very rude person. Normally tries to act ghetto by typing in words or phrases such as” AF’ “,” Janky “, ” Finna”, “Cus”, Etc. Most people think of “Ratchet” girls or boys as trashy. In other words a “Ratchet” person is the non-classiest human-being in presence. They usually have the worst grammar problems and they always try to pick fights with everybody. There’s tons of these in my school! We call them… The Ratchets. They all seem to hate me though.

13) Twerk/twerking/any other variations: Just stop. No one wants you to shake your butt it’s doing nothing. Chances are you probably are white and have no booty. I’m not trying to be stereotypical, but let’s be honest. It’s always the basics trying to fit in with the geeks or ratchets. Victim: Miley Cyrus. Case closed.

14) Thirsty: No not like I want water thirsty but like she want all the attention. (I was gonna say something else but I decided against it). Pretty much it means being eager or wanting the attention of the opposite sex (or same sex. LGBTQ+ is totally awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing. Equality for all!)

15) Any words that are extended for no reason: SQUADDD, AYYYYY, YASSSSS, YOOOOOO, and anything else. That’s really annoying.

*BONUS* Gucci (not the brand): It means good or cool. Instead of saying what’s good (still an abomination of the language we speak), guys (maybe girls too) say what’s Gucci. It’s annoying.

Well thats all. You know the drill, like comment and subscribe. Thanks for reading!

Please do (10 things that I’m strangely enough in love with)

Since I did ten things that drive me crazy, I figured I might as well do ten things that I love. Also I forgot it was Sunday and I’m tired. Anyway let’s get right into this fun stuff.

1) Pinterest! Literally I spend 60% of my online time scrolling through Pinterest.  I’m a hardcore Pinner. I have a problem. If you want to check out my boards, here is my account. Pinterest

2) Odd food combinations: I am extremely picky, but I’ve been told that a lot of things that I eat are gross. I like mashed potatoes & ketchup, potato chips & ketchup, sloppy joes & tortilla chips, eating scrambled eggs out of a bowl with ketchup isn’t normal I guess. And the list could go on.

3) Sleep: if you haven’t noticed, most of the times I write something, I mention that I’m tired. Yea I’m always tired. I could sleep all day and still be tired. I have a problem.

4) Netflix: I’m a person. If you’re not in love with Netflix you should seek help. Seriously. What are you doing with your life. What am I doing with my life?

5) Laughing: I laugh. Like a lot. And I snort. Its embarrassing.

6) Binge reading: I’m a total geek. I like binge reading its a relaxing thing.

7) Waiting til last minute to do things:  Seriously, I know that its not a good thing, but I feel that I do work better under pressure. Except when I’m writing. I need to take my sweet time when it comes to writing.

8) Ice cold water: Even in the winter, I always go for an ice cold mug of water. I’m not sure why, I just like the coldness.

9) Hot showers in the winter, cold showers in the summer: Taking a nice hot shower on a cold winters night is the beat feeling and taking an cold shower on a hot summers day is just as amazing.

10) This: by this I mean, writing for you guys, whoever you are. You may be someone my age just looking for some insight on how I handle teenagery things or a mom with 3 kids just looking for some laughs or a relative that I asked to read or a guy that somehow stumbled across my blog and fell head over heals my style of writing, I like writing for you. I know that you’re listening, well reading and maybe even imagining what I’m like in real life. Or not. You could just be reading because your life is as bland as mine and you have no life like me, but either way, I’m thankful for you. All of you. You are the reason I’m still writing. Thank you. You’re all my inspiration.

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Class rank and being too excited

So midterms were last week I believe. Maybe the week before? I’m not sure, but that doesn’t matter. Anyway, finally the grades were finalized and semester one grades were put up. Semester one grades also mean current class rank! I was skeptical at first as to how well k did, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’m 11th in my class. A class of 133 if you’re wondering. That’s pretty well. Or at least I think so. All my friends and I are in the top 20 because we’re all too smart for our own good, but then there’s that one person who won’t shut up about being 1st. Like congrats but nobody cares anymore. We all know that you’re smart. I’m happy and of course I’ll try and get a little higher by June but for now I’m happy.
In other news, as you know I’m participating in model congress. Model congress is officially a thing for me. I wrote mg bill, and now all k have to do is get my waiver signed and what 47 days until my friends and I bunk together and debate against people from across the country. (There’s someone in my committee from LA) I can wait but at the same time, my excitement has gone from being like yay something new, something fun to oh my lord can these days go any slower. I hope that MC can become something I do every year. It seems like its going to be a lot of fun. Well that’s really all, it’s late and I’ve had a long week and I’m really tired. You know the drill. Share and spread the word about me please and thanks. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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I Have to Write a Bill…

Ah, the fun of being a debater. I do debate because it’s fun, and an excuse for me to be right even if I’m 100% wrong. Yesterday I had a debate, and my friend and I have been partners for only a short amount of time (few weeks give or take) and we were finally getting a hang of arguing together and working together.

*Note to self: Doing stupid and pointless stuff in class doesn’t = Great partners, just fun times.

Anyway, so we won both our debates for the first time. It was exhilarating. So we were on our way home and my debate coach was like there’s 2 more spots for model congress so… We are going to PennMC in the spring! Catch is I have to write a bill, which I’ve never done and I have no idea how. My topic is transportation/infrastructure, and that’s about all I have. I have roughly a week or so to write a bill and get it approved by my coach. Model congress is going to be a lot of fun, but I’m scared that I’m going to look like a fool because I have no idea what I’m doing. So yea that’s the biggest news that’s happened to me this week. Oh and there’s this catchy little annoying thing that’s been stuck in my head called “Fluffy Pink Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.” Watch it and hate me.

But anyhow, if you have any ideas on how to write a bill, feel free to explain to me. I need the help. Like always, if you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend (strangers are cool too) or sharing it on Twitter and/or Facebook. Be sure to check out my other posts and don’t forget to follow this little bundle of joy (I’m actually not that nice but I am short so that’s half true). Thanks you for reading!

Thinking Outside the Box…

Do deaf people have the little voice in the back of their head? The one we’ve all grown used to and can’t imagine living without. The voice that reads us stories in our mind, and keeps us awake at night.  Well, that’s a great question. I was talking to my friend just the other day and the conversation got boring and I began to lose interest, so I changed the subject.

“Completely irrelevant” I said, “but do you think that deaf people have the little voice in the back of their head?” We discussed, but being that we are both pretty ridiculously smart people, we had very conflicting views of the subject. He says that they do because they feel themselves rather than hear their voice. He says that you hear your own voice, not verbally, but sorta like a conscious.

I argued that it’s not possible. When I read something, or when I think, I hear my own voice, or the voice of the writer, if I know what they sound like. Like they’re reading to me, but I’m the only one who can hear it.  After going back and forth for about 30 minutes, I received a Shel Silverstein poem titled “Magic.” It Read:

I read it over time and time again, but I was still convinced that the voice for deaf people didn’t exist. They have to have a different way. I simply said point taken, but when you read things like this to yourself, you’re basing it off previous experiences and voices you’ve heard before. Since he still wasn’t convinced I decided to put google to the test.

It took me a few minutes to find exactly what I was looking for. I wasn’t the only one pondering the thought process of a deaf person. Someone had gone to the help of Yahoo Answers and as their luck (and mine) would have it, a deaf person answered and explained how she interprets words. She mentioned that this way of thought doesn’t pertain to every, probably not even most, deaf people, it was just the way she was raised and everyone is different. She says she personally “sees” and sometimes even “feels” her signs that aren’t really there. And sometimes she just actually, physically signs – which I guess is equivalent to talking to yourself or thinking aloud. Other times she thinks in images and pictures instead of a sign or word. I know that is hard to understand, but for example, while reading you might hear the words: “the-boy-ran-down-the-street” when she would just “see” the boy running down the street in her mind.

So, were either of us right? Not really (touché), but it really was an interesting topic to discuss. Getting inside your mind and trying to imagine what it’s like is magical. You never know what you have until you think about how others use it. We subconsciously listen to ourselves talk all the time, but nobody else can hear us. Our minds are weird little things, and everyone uses their gooey weirdness differently.

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