Finally, I’ve Done It

I have commitment issues. I start things, and then I get bored and give up. But, I’m not going to do that. I’ve finally come up with a foolproof (full-proof? I’m still not sure which one it is exactly) plan to ensure that stay with this. Well, like I said a few weeks ago, I aim to post every Sunday. Well I’ve been sorta doing that but I’m always rushing to write them last minute and I feel like they don’t come out as well as a planned post. So I’m going to save my sporadic posts that I come up with on the spot for weekdays when I have a snow day like today. Even my sporadic posts have some sort of pre planning. Or at least an inspiration that I developed a few hours up to few days in advanced. Then I’ll take my time with a specific topic and ill research and work on it throughout the week to make it the best it can be. I’ll continue to do reviews, and for the weeks I’m busy and can’t take my time, my Sunday post will be a review. So here’s my posting schedule:

Sunday: Preplanned topic (off a list of 52 blog topics, picking and choosing the ones I like)

Monday-Wednesday: Sporadic Posts (Not all the time, just when I have something on my mind)

Thursday: Review of the week (reviews can get annoying so limiting myself to one per week is a good idea)

Friday: Sporadic Post/ Interesting things that happened/ Exciting news/rants

Saturday: No Posts (sorry I have to plan for tomorrows post, and you’ll get tired of me.)

That’s pretty much my schedule for posting. I’ll definitely start on Thursday since I finally finished a book (finally!).  There probably won’t be a post tomorrow since I have to study and stuff, but if you ever forget I’ll put this on my home page. That’s really it. Like always, if you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend (strangers are cool too) or sharing it on Twitter and/or Facebook. Be sure to check out my other posts and don’t forget to follow this little bundle of joy (I’m actually not that nice but I am short so that’s half true). Thanks you for reading!


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