Crushing Really Hard

We’ve all had one. Whether it be on a super-hot celebrity or that guy/ girl in the back of class that geeks out every so often, we have all had a crush. Well, little did I know that there was science behind our sudden infatuation with someone. It starts as a small liking towards a person. Then you feel yourself obsessing over the person. You feel like you’re going insane, in fact, many symptoms of crushing fit those of mental illness. Well isn’t that just lovely. I am crazy! I already have a slight case of OCD so it doesn’t surprise me that the brain chemistry of a crush is similar to that of someone with OCD. Jesus my friends must find me terribly annoying when I obsess over a guy. 

Along with all the crazy things going on in your brain, there’s physical symptoms. As is I weren’t already obviously enough drooling over you? Let’s just add faster heart rate, flushed cheeks and trembling. That will totally make it less obvious that I’m going crazy and can’t stop thinking about you. We’ve all been there. A crush makes you feel powerless to the point where you can’t even try to stop obsessing. We get like this because chemicals are being released into our brain to make us go all crazy. Dopamine, oxytocin, and cortisol are the things making us insane. The dopamine rush is a chemical signal sending info in-between neurons. Dopamine is the same thing released when you use drugs. Pretty much when you have a crush you’re on drugs. What the hell.

15 Realities Anyone Who Crushes Easily Will Understand

To make it even better a crush can alter your brain chemistry for up to TWO years. Yea because I want to obsess over one person forever and then let it screw up my brain for 2 years. It’s not like I’ve had a crush that’s lasted longer than a year psh Nah. But in that case that I do have that happen and the stupid little infatuation doesn’t go away it’s called a limerence. This obsession called limerence to sound nice includes uncontrollable thoughts (check) extreme nervousness (check) and shortness of breath (check? I mean not shortness of breath but pathetic texts towards this person counts right? No? Okay.)

If you’ve ever had a crush, it usually means that the other person doesn’t feel the same about you, but when they do? That’s an amazing feeling. Kinda like magic.

When you realize there's even the slightest chance they're crushing on you too:


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*Glances at crush*

*pretends to be reading*

*steals another glance*


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