Procrastination at its Finest and Trying New Things

Seriously, I’ve had all week to read due to the lack of homework, but I choose to not read. Besides Monday, I could’ve knocked out a lot of pages, maybe even finished a book or two, but I slept. I do not regret these naps, but I regret not reading.

Anyway, my week was sort of eventful. I started by writing an essay and going to dance. (Yay! Exercise!) Then Tuesday rolled around and in English we had to look at other people essays. Oh my lord. I didn’t realize that such a low level of writing existed. I feel terrible for being so rude, but the poor persons essay was so off topic and lacked a strong thesis, that I stopped reading half way through rewrote some things and then recommended that he just rewrite it. It was obvious that he really tried but he needs a guide to point him in the right direction. (No names for privacy reason, not that he reads my blog, but still, common curtesy). Then my teacher failed to give us back our essays for final drafts like all week. They were supposed to be due on Wednesday January 12 (13?) but now isn’t due until Tuesday because he still hasn’t given them back.

While I’m on the topic of English class, we started reading Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare. To tell you the truth, I had absolutely no idea what was going on when I was reading the old English version (the original), so I’m totally cheating and bought No Fear Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet by Sparknotes (Who knew they would ever come in handy in Barnes & Noble). Just to clear this up, my teacher recommended it and has several copies, but they can’t leave his class room so I bought my own for studying reasons. (Plus I don’t like sharingJ) If you want to get it they sell it for $5.95 at B&N.

So here’s how my week ended, I had no homework on Wednesday or Thursday so I was under the impression that I was going to read all afternoon, then I fell asleep. For several hours. Like 3 hours on Wednesday and 4 hours on Thursday. I was going to read on Friday, but I went out and went to B&N and ended up reading No Fear so that I could catch up and know what’s going on. I procrastinate so much and it’s really bad! I should have finished Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me by now! I need to read more.

(Takes break to eat bagel and drink orange juice even though its 4:30 PM)

Since I’m still on the topic of school, let’s address my grades. I’m a generally good student, but some people don’t seem to understand that we all have our weak subjects. I take all honors classes, with the exception of English, never mind the fact that it’s my first year of high school and the workload takes a little getting used to. The first quarter, I will admit I didn’t put my best foot forward, and it reflected in my grade. Now, the second quarter, I have put a lot more effort into my work and take pride in what I complete. I may have a few absentminded grades in the grade book, but for the most part my grades are decent. About halfway through this quarter, two of my teachers incorrectly input a grade into the online grade book, causing my grade to drop. Severely. Thankfully my history teacher fixed my grade without a problem, and I now have an 83% in his class, hopefully a +85% by the end of this quarter (the end of this week). On the other hand, my English teacher has failed to give me a grade, causing me to have a 68.60% in his class. I have been hearing about my grade for a while, and my teacher keeps on saying he’s going to fix it but has failed to do so. (If you’re reading this please fix it!) Midterms are soon so I’ve been making a study guide for history and I feel fairly confident that I will do okay.

Okay, I’m done with talking about school. It’s terribly tiring. Anyhow, I have long eyelashes, and I remember reading a while back that if you apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to them they will grow longer. I didn’t have any jelly on hand, so I decided to use my eos lip balm. I applied it with a brow/lashes makeup brush, and I like it, I just didn’t like that it was obviously there and obviously NOT mascara. And then it hit me, I just had to make it black/brown so it would look like mascara. I scraped some eos into a little container, then I got some dark brown liquid eyeliner and tried to pour some in. it didn’t work so I took the applicator and just dabbed it onto the lip balm. I stirred it and wasn’t pleased with the color. I tried to add more, but it was still a light grey color. Then I was going to just put in some mascara but decided that it defeated the purpose of me “making” my own, so I went for some black eye shadow. Of course it was shimmery but it didn’t appear shimmer after I mixed (thank god!). After I scraped some black eye shadow up I tried and successfully made it all into the container. Then again I stirred this time pleased with the result. I added a little more just because I wanted it to be similar to my extreme black mascara that I swear by. I applied and it wasn’t as clumpy and the eye shadow causes it to dry similar to regular mascara. I feel as if I just created a cheaper version of my favorite mascara since it worked similarly. And you could probably just use dollar store lip balm and black/brown shadows and make 7 dollar mascara for 2 dollars. I’ll let you know if my lashes actually grow next Sunday.

I was going to write a semi-review for Lucy (2014), but this is getting long and I can write it tomorrow after I get home since I only have a half day. Like always, if you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend (strangers are cool too) or sharing it on Twitter and/or Facebook. Thank you!